female swimmer A    Acrylic Painting on Canvas  70x200 cm two panels 70x100


Diana Iordanidou

Greek architect living and working in Athens.Over the past 4 years, she has been working mainly with painting."...As an architect my way of observing and analyzing the world around me, looks like a puzzle that I have to solve.My paintings reflex this perspective since every single image, has been built piece by piece.The result is a mix of hard-edged shapes, strong colors, and contrasts.Currently, I'm mainly inspired by the figures of swimming athletes, the geometry of their bodies and faces, their similar physique,the colors of their costumes,the code of their behaviour…


Architect Engineer ( A.U.TH ) MSc ( UCL )
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Diana Iordanidou's "Swimmers" look familiar. Athletes ideal, all-ready, committed to their goal. They leave implied capacity shortly before the action. Heroes at the limits of the stereotype. Their nature is based on the logic of the trail. Absented more than instant. We read the subcutaneous psychosomatic load on their faces. We see their dynamism and determination. They invite us to follow them on a journey of initiation starting from the insignificant and endlessly invaluable. They urge us to sink hopelessly into a fluid universe that we desire, constantly reforming our findings of it.Even if you do it for entertainment, it's worth a free ride to the flow of reality, a glimpse into an ocean of values or a diving in the abyss of yourself.
Dedication textVivian Kartalou